Luxurious and Contemporary Carpenter Tallaght

Luxurious and Contemporary Carpenter Tallaght

Carpenter Tallaght is situated in the heart of Ireland. The company was established in 1996 by brothers Mattie and Declan Harries. The first two boys, Declan and Mattie Harries used their own carpentry skills and ingenuity to set up a business in Ireland which was not only profitable but also kinder to the environment. They began selling the Lucan kitchens and other bespoke timber work direct to the public. With the growing popularity of DIY projects, the company expanded to deal in a wide variety of bespoke timberwork.

Bespoke Kitchens

Quality bespoke kitchens, bespoke carpentry, HVAC, fitted wardrobes, and fitted cupboards are what this company offers. They have a vast range of bespoke kitchens to choose from. You can select from an extensive range including modern, classical, cottage, country, and even Greek & Roman kitchens.

Bespoke Kitchens (used by a family)

The Naughtons use a lot of reclaimed wood like stump removed wood. This wood is sourced from all over Europe and is cut and shaped by the company’s in-house design team. The resulting product is a high-quality, unique product that the family can be proud of. Every element is designed to enhance the home’s functionality and beauty.

Kitchen Fitters

The company has an excellent network of kitchen fitters who work across Ireland, Scotland, and England. These kitchen fitters ensure that every customer that comes to the company for a fitted kitchen gets the best possible deal. They ensure that they deliver good quality bespoke fitted kitchens on time. They are professional and courteous and always go the extra mile to ensure that customers are satisfied. This is why they are a recommended supplier by people in the building industry.

Carpenter Tallaght have received several awards and recognition for their stylish designs and quality workmanship. They have been listed in the Irish Bathrooms Manufacturers Association’s “Best In Show” category three times and have been nominated thrice. They have also won several prestigious awards including the Queen’s Award for Design. They are always striving to improve their designs and workmanship and constantly seek new technology to help them create innovative, stylish fitted kitchens. learn more about the Irish Bathrooms Manufacturers Association’s at

There are many other companies that sell kitchen-fitted kitchens but none have the established name that Carpenter Tallaght has. Their reputation is built on a history that spans almost thirty years. The company is proud to have a proven track record of delivering beautiful bespoke fitted kitchens. No matter what your kitchen style or colour is there is a kitchen that will suit your needs. The company has a full complement of custom kitchen fitters to accommodate all requirements.

Luxurious and Contemporary Carpenter Tallaght

Carpenter Tallaght boasts a world-class team of designers and engineers that meet each client’s unique specifications to ensure the most efficient and innovative kitchens possible. They believe that style and function should combine to create the best experience in the home. Bespoke fitted kitchens are designed to last a lifetime. These are not traditional kitchens that you might expect to find in a local cabinet shop.

When you consider the fact that they are Ireland’s number one kitchen fitters, you can see just how popular and well-liked they are. You can trust their quality as the vast majority of their bespoke kitchens have a full two-year guarantee. You can also feel comfortable in the knowledge that they have fitted kitchens which are made to your exacting standards. Whatever your design preferences, you can be confident that a custom kitchen design from Carpenter Tallaght will suit your tastes and requirements perfectly.

Lucan-fitted kitchens use only the highest quality materials to create a kitchen that is both practical and stylish. Stainless steel appliances are used in their kitchens and countertops. Glass walls are another feature of these kitchens which provide a clear focus on the cooking area. Granite and marble are the two preferred materials for their flooring. Click here to learn more about Stainless Steel pros and cons

It is essential that the contractor you employ have the skills and experience to create a bespoke kitchen design to suit your individual tastes and requirements. They should have an excellent rapport with all of their suppliers and work closely with them throughout the construction process. This helps to minimize the chances of delays and mistakes as well as streamline the entire build process. You should ensure that the kitchen designer and his team are able to give you a comprehensive written breakdown of the entire build project at an agreed-upon stage. The final build quality report should provide you with a detailed description of the progress of each phase.

If you need a new kitchen quickly, you will find that there are many qualified kitchen fitters in Milton Keynes who will be more than happy to assist you with your needs. If you are unable to locate a kitchen designer or fitters in your area, you can always speak to your local cabinet makers. Many of these manufacturers will work with any company in order to create a bespoke kitchen. In addition, some manufacturers of the cabinetry may even offer kitchen fitters at an extra cost. It is often advisable to select a kitchen designer and builder that you feel comfortable with and one who has a good record of completing successful projects. It is also worthwhile inquiring about the reputation of the contractors and fitters that you speak to.

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Carpenter Tallaght is situated in the heart of Ireland. The company was established in 1996 by brothers Mattie and Declan Harries. The first two boys, Declan and Mattie Harries used their own carpentry skills and ingenuity to set up a business in Ireland which was…

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